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Clear Aligners

We offer our patients Clear Aligners, an alternative to braces, that align the teeth and are virtually unnoticeable.

The aligners are an affordable and faster way to a beautiful smile in comparison to other methods, including clear or invisible braces. You may see results in as little as three to six months.

Clear aligners help with spacing, crowding, midline discrepancy, tipping, rotation, intrusion and extrusion.

In addition to improving your smile, they can improve your health. Properly aligned teeth allow for better hygiene and cleaning of gums. Misaligned or crowded teeth could have long-term negative effects on gums, jaw muscles, enamel and bones.

You can read more about aligners at the manufacturer’s website, which includes videos of patients talking about their experiences and an interesting “Am I a Good Fit?” section. You can also contact us.