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Patient Education

Here at Dr. John’s Family Dentistry, we place an emphasis on the comfort of our patients.

Here are some educational videos that may be helpful to watch before or after your visit.

Dental Crowns

The American Dental Association provides an insightful explanation of the purpose of crowns, the procedure and tips on how to care for crowns.

Dental Abscess

Abscesses are described as a dental emergency. Learn more about how they occur and what you should do to treat them.

Root Canal

If the dental nerve has died or become infected, a root canal is necessary.

Wisdom Teeth

Learn what wisdom teeth are, dental problems they cause, as well as why they should be removed in many cases.


Do you know how and why cavities form? This explanation covers the formation of cavities across history as well as new ways to minimize cavities.

Teeth Bridge

When teeth are missing, a 3 unit bridge may be the best solution.

Replacing Teeth

Learn about different options for replacing several missing teeth.

Cracked Teeth

Are you experiencing pain from cracked teeth? Check out different options for fixing this.

Crown for Teeth Fractures

Teeth fractures will not heal on their own. A crown is one solution to fixing the fracture.

Teeth Whitening

Have you always wanted a whiter smile? Check out a teeth whitening procedure we offer.

We also offer this whitening procedure for a smile that is four shades whiter!

Teeth Fillings

Watch how composite fillings are formed.

Teeth Loss

There are hidden consequences to losing a tooth that cause long term effects.

For more videos like these, please visit ADA’s Youtube channel, or contact us today with any questions.