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Custom Appliances

We offer TekFit™ dental appliances, which include mouthguards, nightguards and clear retainers.

Each one is custom fit and designed based on three important elements: fit, comfort and performance.

Sports Mouthguards

The TekFit™ sports mouthguard offers protection for athletes involved in high-impact and low-impact sports, guarding the teeth, gums, lips, tongue and face from direct contact trauma. You can also customize your sports mouthguard with a color of your choice, as well as your name, team name, team number, and more. Check out personalization options for sports mouthguards at this TekFit™ information sheet.


If you suffer from bruxism, or excessive nighttime teeth-grinding, then we have a solution for you. TekFit™ has designed a guard against grinding that could help you get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about the pressure of jaw clenching and teeth-grinding.


Clear Retainers

We also carry TekFit™ clear retainers, which discreetly keep your teeth in tact after orthodontic treatment. They offer a comfortable solution to prevent your teeth from shifting and ultimately provide a great way to protect your smile.


For more information, please contact us or visit the manufacturer’s website.